Samsung A52s 5g – Is This A Good Camera?


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone manufactured and launched by Samsung Electronics in conjunction with the Galaxy A series. The smartphone is introduced on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s online Cool Places virtual event. It is expected to be the replacement for the recently released Galaxy A71. Since it is an advanced device, the Samsung A52s features some features that are not present in the predecessors of the phones. Hence, this review will focus on the A52s features and performance. samsung a52 5g

One of the major selling factors of this smartphone is its price. At just over $250, the Samsung A52s is one of the most costly smartphones in the market today. However, the phone comes with a lot of perks and benefits that make it highly attractive. It offers two SIM card slots – one for a CDMA carrier and one for a GSM carrier. It also comes with a microSD slot for additional storage capacity. In addition, the phone has a physical home button as well as an infrared touch sensitive home button which makes it easy to use.

The Samsung A52s has a large 1.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display which is one of the best screens available on any smartphone. The text on the screen is bold and bright, which is evident from the huge color contrast and the sharp details. The screen has a nice curvature which is very attractive and adds to the phone’s appeal. One thing you might find interesting about this smartphone is that it comes with a very impressive camera. The Samsung A52s has a rear camera, which is similar to the ones used by the iPhone and Motorola Droid. The rear camera of the phone however does not have an optical zoom, which limits the photos taken to a lower resolution but it does offer some decent alternatives to the iPhone’s primary camera.

The Samsung A52s has two cameras on the rear – one for video recording and the other for photo capturing. In the video section, there is a built-in video camera which works quite well. There is also a built-in image sensor which will record the photos (when they are taken) and store them in the built-in memory. The Samsung A52s also comes with a USB port which is perfect for connecting the tablet PC or laptop to the phone via a USB cable. The same USB port can be used for connecting the device to the PC or laptop when the computer is docked.

One of the biggest advantages of this device is that it can connect up to three devices at the same time without any issue. This means you can have a music player / video player playing while watching your favourite video. This means that the Samsung A52s can double as a multi-tasking gadget. The Samsung Galaxy A52s also features a nice mega speaker that sits behind the touch-sensitive screen of the tablet PC. The sound quality of the device is passable, although it might not be as good as that of the iPhone and iPad.

As with any smartphone, the design of this gadget is quite trendy and matches the latest trend in smart phones. The soft-touch front face glass has been specifically designed to make it easy to use. On the rear, we can see a large yet sleek home button which is touch sensitive and acts as an app drawer. You can also see the large fingerprint scanner on the back which is perfect for ensuring you do not accidentally hit the home button.

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